Timothy Loughmiller Estate Sales and Online Auction House provides the GTHA with the most comprehensive estate sales and auction services available, for the most affordable prices.​​

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Timothy Loughmiller
Estate Sales and Online Auction House
Toronto, Ontario
(Timothy Loughmiller Estate Sales and Online Auction House is an independent, Canadian-owned, non-franchised service)

Whom do I choose? Have Timothy Loughmiller help you host your online auction or estate sale anywhere in the Toronto GTA area - and beyond - and you can relax knowing the task of emptying your home of its contents will be completed professionally and expertly.

Why do I choose Timothy to help? From start to finish you remain in control. You pay nothing for your initial consultation with Timothy Loughmiller Estate Sales, during which we listen carefully to your needs and wants - and there are never any up-front fees, not even for advertising. We place every effort on helping you sell the contents of your home - and remember, you are always in control.

I've chosen Timothy - now what? You can be as involved as you desire, and direct us accordingly. But, don't bother throwing things away, or otherwise disposing of those items that you may consider unsellable - you'll be amazed at what most people will pay good money for! As the old saying goes, one person's trash is another person's treasure. If it's possible to sell an item, it should be placed for sale.

Where does the sale occur? Sales happen either right on the premises or from our warehouse. Timothy Loughmiller Estate Sales is uniquely positioned to receive the entire contents of your home, to be sold from our Online Auction House.

Need to sell your house, too? Our Real Estate partner Vikki Hefforn can help with that.

How much will this cost? Cost varies depending upon the nature and scope of the assistance that you require - but you only pay for that which is needed. 

You say that you only have a few items to sell? No problem. Those things can be taken to our warehouse and sold through out Online Auction House.

Put the most money in your pocket! Timothy Loughmiller Estate Sales and Online Auction House is your Best Choice for Estate Sales and Contents Sales anywhere in and around the Toronto GTHA area.