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Timothy Loughmiller Estate Sales and Online Auction House provides the GTHA with the most comprehensive estate sales and auction services available, for the most affordable prices.​​

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Timothy Loughmiller
Estate Sales and Online Auction House
Toronto, Ontario
(Timothy Loughmiller Estate Sales and Online Auction House is an independent, Canadian-owned, non-franchised service)

Timothy Loughmiller Estate Sales and Online Auction House boasts a strong team of core consultants each with their own special skills useful to the selling of the household contents of any home, be it large or small, be it filled with Victorian antique, Mid Century Modern or Contemporary, glass, sterling silver, china, art, collectibles, or even simply the everyday items found in any home in Toronto or the GTA. In addition, we scale our team size and members to the requirements of each specific contents sale, so you get only the solutions you need, and don't pay for what you don't need - you're always in total control of your sale.

Members of the Timothy Loughmiller team have literally grown up in estate sales and contents sales in Toronto, learning from an early age the right way to help you host your estate sale or contents sale. Other members have been chosen along the way, each contributing their own expertise and abilities, guaranteeing positive solutions. Your needs always come first - after all, it's your sale and you're the boss.

When you choose Timothy Loughmiller to assist you, you receive all of the above, plus the confidence of being helped by a team that Toronto GTA lawyers, real estate agents, estate trustees, their clients, and many others have chosen to place their faith in to help with their estate sales, contents sales and moving sales throughout Toronto and beyond. Our team experience and dedication will carry us through with you from start to finish, from chaos to order, from full contents to empty house anywhere in Toronto and beyond, and provide solutions and a tranquil ending to what can otherwise be a very stressful situation. Call today - we can help.

What our clients have to say about Timothy Loughmiller:

Nigel G., Scarborough: FANTASTIC!!! Excellent, excellent work!

U r the ultimate professional. U always said what u were going to do & u did it & then some!!!

Thank you again Timothy, ur skill & professionalism helped smooth the somewhat bumpy road I have been on for quite a while & I thank u for that. 

Valerie M., Toronto: I used the services of Timothy Loughmiller recently when I was moving from a large 4 bedroom house to a much smaller two bedroom condo after the death of my husband. Needless to say, this was a very stressful, emotional undertaking and before I met Timothy, I was at a loss to know how I would ever handle the whole situation.

Timothy and his team did a wonderful job of helping me to prepare for my move, selling what I didn't need and clearing out the house in preparation for the closing date.  I have nothing for praise for the professional, efficient manner in which he conducts his business.

Thank you, Timothy!

Sheila L., Toronto: Timothy just did a sale for us on Hillhurst Blvd and I'm pleased to say he delivered everything promised and more. We made more money than he estimated and the crawl space and garage that we had avoided for years was emptied and swept clean. I found him charming and polite at all times and can highly recommend his services.

Lisa B., Toronto: Thank you so much for all you have done! I really could not have done this myself.
I appreciate your professionalism which you have expressed from our very first meeting as well as the final steps to the finish. Your team was great, friendly and hard working.  You and your team have gone above and beyond my expectations, (since I left the province before the sale finished) from the house set up, merchandising and clean up and pictures you sent to me showing me that the house was in good order for the new owners. (That was a great deal off my mind)  You have made this transition a great deal easier for me.
I am happy to recommend you to anyone who is facing the challenge of downsizing and de-cluttering. As I told you, I called a few other contents sale people and either I got no calls back or was told something very different than was advertised on their website. Thank you for everything, I wish you many many years of success!

Helene, Julie and Rob S., Toronto: We would like to acknowledge the great work you accomplished with the contents sale of our Dad's house. We certainly feel comfortable in sharing our great experience with others, and have already done so with the buyer's Real Estate agent. If an occasion arises in the future we will definitely be in touch. We truly appreciated everything you did for us during this difficult journey of ours. We wish you continued success with your business.

Rajit S., Brampton: Timothy you've been extremely helpful, and having a clean house is going to increase the amount of money that we will get from the sale (of the house) considerably.

Roy H., Mississauga: Thank you, Timothy. I could never have done it (contents sale) without you.

Mark H., Toronto: ...thank you very much Timothy

Helen N., Toronto: Timothy (Loughmiller) was very helpful, professional and personable to deal with. He took care of everything to ensure a successful (contents) sale and was always available for any questions. I would certainly recommend him.

Put the most money in your pocket! Timothy Loughmiller Estate Sales and Online Auction House is your Best Choice for Estate Sales and Contents Sales anywhere in and around the Toronto GTHA area.