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Put the most money in your pocket! Timothy Loughmiller Estate Sales and Online Auction House is your Best Choice for Estate Sales and Online Auction Sales anywhere in and around the Toronto GTHA area.

Specialists in End-of-Life Estates

Estate Sales

Now partnering with Real Estate Agent Vikki Hefforn of Future Group Realty to offer you complete Real Estate services.

and Online Auction House


Timothy Loughmiller Estate Sales and Online Auction House provides the GTHA with the most comprehensive estate sales and auction services available, for the most affordable prices.​​

Timothy Loughmiller Estate Sales specializes in the complete liquidation of end-of-life estates in a respectful and dignified manner.

Estate Executors can send the entire effects of an estate to our warehouse facility, from which it can be processed and sold away from the home in an orderly manner, guaranteeing the best possible results.

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Timothy Loughmiller
Estate Sales and Online Auction House
Toronto, Ontario
(Timothy Loughmiller Estate Sales and Online Auction House is an independent, Canadian-owned, non-franchised service)

Are you or someone you know facing the seemingly daunting task of administering an estate, and need to dispose of the contents of the home? Are you trying to decide whether it's better to attempt to handle everything yourself, or to ask a professional for their expertise in assisting you with the process?

​Estate Sales are hosted away from the home, the contents moved to our warehouse to be sold though our online auction house, allowing the executor and the heirs to focus on the house or condo without the disruption, clutter and intrusion that an in-house sale generates.

Plus, our Real Estate partner Vikki Hefforn can assist with selling the house or condo itself.

When the Timothy Loughmiller team of professionals assists you in selling the contents of an estate, every item is inspected to ensure nothing goes unnoticed. With our help the items that you wish to sell are sold, while precious mementoes are protected. You remain in complete control of the process and we are there to help protect your interests - keeping your personal information confidential.

The expert Timothy Loughmiller team is knowledgeable on the current secondary resell market, and the fair market value of virtually every conceivable household item - be it Victorian antique, Mid Century Modern or Contemporary, glass, sterling silver, china, art or collectible - and advises you on the method to sell for the highest possible price attainable during your established timeframe. We strive to help you sell 100 percent of the estate contents, with the end goal an empty home and the most money in your pocket.

The Timothy Loughmiller team boasts over 100 years of combined involvement in the selling of household contents, and is familiar with probate and power of attorney requirements. This combined knowledge serves to shield you against unscrupulous buyers who would otherwise attempt to use their knowledge against you to rob you of the true value of your items. Plus, the benefit of the combined knowledge gained from helping people just like you ensures the best solutions and the best experience you can possibly have.

Call Timothy Loughmiller Estate Sales today - we can help.